AngloPro/AngloFun has been offering vacation camps for students since 1986 to help them improve their English speaking skills. The values that have guided our mission for the past 30 years have guided and inspired our teachers but also our students in their quest for success.

Our mission and our values

AngloPro/AngloFun offers students of all ages relevant ALS programs that are as effective as they are interesting. Our highly qualified teachers are committed to helping our students reach the highest levels of knowledge of the English language through stimulating programs that are detailed and customized.


AP/AF offers its students programs that fit their needs through active listening and constructive evaluations, all this in a pleasant environment to boot.


At AP/AF, we use innovative learning strategies so that our students steadily learn English. Our methodology is based on a serious, clear and concise approach to learning and quality audio and visual material to support teaching. We aim to meet the highest standards in teaching by offering our students classrooms and a learning environment that are both comfortable and conducive to learning.

Team spirit

Helping each other out in meeting the needs of our students is a fundamental value of the AngloPro/AngloFun team of professionals.


We are success oriented and we encourage our students to set themselves attainable goals which they can pursue thanks to the range of varied services we offer.


We wish to foster curiosity, enthusiasm and the desire to learn in all of our students so that they can communicate effectively in English.


Mother of Jasmin (11) and Catherine (13)

The kids came back thrilled with the experience and their first comment was ‘’I want to go back next year!

Laurence Pelletier

I loved this camp!

Marie-Noël Lapointe

The activities in the forest are amazing! I also loved playing flag and the Thursday night dances.

Amine Ouquelle

I was really happy because my counsellor, Rocket, was a soccer player and soccer is my favorite sport!

Kaïna Labrecque

I had a great week! I learned many things and had lots of fun! The sports activities were cool!