The management


Sandra Lebeau

Sandra Lebeau has been director of Centre AngloPro/AngloFun since 1986, both in the Eastern Townships and the Montérégie. She has a Master’s degree in education and has always unreservedly shared her language-teaching philosophy with her dynamic and qualified teams of teachers and counsellors. Over the past 30 years, she has developed pedagogical programmes that are as efficient as they are fun for students. AngloFun is her cherished project and by developing a new sites in 2015 at Ranch Massawippi and then expanding at Centre de villégiature Jouvence in the Eastern Townships and Centre Le Saisonnier near Quebec City in 2018, she is making sure to meet the needs of an ever-growing clientele of happy, English-speaking kids. English + Fun, the basis and the reason for AngloFun!

Équipe AngloFun - Sandra Lebeau
Team AngloFun

Elizabeth Guzzo

Elizabeth Guzzo has been working for AngloFun since 2009 and has been tutoring elementary- and high school-level students at AngloPro since 2014. She has been Assistant Director of immersion programmes for children for the past two years. After having completed philosophy studies at Concordia University in Montreal, she is presently studying Administration at the University of New-Brunswick.

Équipe AngloFun - Elizabeth Guzzo
Team AngloFun

Julie Pelland

Julie Pelland studied English-French translation at Concordia University in Montreal. She then took another career path and after having worked many years in television, came back to her first love, languages, as a teacher of English and of French as second languages for AngloPro and AngloFun. She creates and updates the teaching material and also offers translation services.

Équipe AngloFun - Julie Pelland

And a few members of our team


Splash is an undergraduate TESOL student at Université de Montréal and also teaches kids during the morning lessons. She loves swimming and is a triathlon competitor. Her motto: Effort and perseverance bring results!


Cherry is a graduate student in education from McGill University and is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and her love of English with all of her AngloFun students! She enjoys reading, swimming and sports in general. She will be sharing her experience as a counsellor in British-Columbia with us, this summer. She knows how to put FUN in both lessons and activities! Her message: Come study and learn, it’s possible here and you can have fun too!

As you can see, some AngloFun team members chose to introduce themselves under their camp nicknames because of the possible misrepresentation of Facebook or other social media. If you, as a parent, wish to know their real names, Mrs. Lebeau will gladly provide them for you.

To further your child’s learning of English, Centre AngloPro / AngloFun also offers small-group, interactive grammar and conversation workshops weekly, throughout the school year. Distance learning is an excellent way for your child to continue improving her language skills all year long.

The Centre also offers private, semi-private and group lessons to adult learners and language training to local businesses.

Our distance education programme, AngloBranché, is also an excellent way to further your learning of English, wherever you are.

For further information, please contact Sandra Lebeau at 1-877-777-7386 or visit our Website:

AngloPro/AngloFun is recognized by Emploi-Québec and the Ministère du Revenu du Québec.

Organigramme AngloFun


Mother of Jasmin (11) and Catherine (13)

The kids came back thrilled with the experience and their first comment was ‘’I want to go back next year!

Laurence Pelletier

I loved this camp!

Marie-Noël Lapointe

The activities in the forest are amazing! I also loved playing flag and the Thursday night dances.

Amine Ouquelle

I was really happy because my counsellor, Rocket, was a soccer player and soccer is my favorite sport!

Kaïna Labrecque

I had a great week! I learned many things and had lots of fun! The sports activities were cool!