Teaching program

What to expect

English lessons

Every morning, in groups of about 15 students, campers learn English with the help of competent and enthusiastic teachers. Since their proficiency in English will have been evaluated beforehand, they will join fellow campers of their own age and level. The lessons target English conversation and the teachers present them with a wide range of projects and activities that foster dialogue and interaction.

After the lessons, the counsellors take over and continue to help kids speak English all day long. They do have fun, in English!

We ask campers to try to speak English all day long, from sunrise to sundown. Counsellors are there not only to supervise activities but to encourage the use of the second language as well. We take immersion to heart.

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English immersion (in french)

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Our personnel

Our counsellors are young men and women and their average age is about 20. They are usually university students who are very often pursuing studies in education. AngloFun also provides them with safety, hygiene, activity organisation and language assistance training before they start the camp season with us. All of them speak English and are responsible for a group of maximum 8 children, according to age.

Our teaching staff is made up of qualified university graduates with B.A. or Master’s degrees, solid experience teaching kids and, more specifically, experience teaching English as a second language.

AngloFun founder, Mrs. Lebeau, is herself a University graduate with a Master’s degree in education and constantly supervises all courses for all students. For more info, please consult our staff biographies.

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How our programmes work

At what age is it best to try an English immersion programme?

For eight- to eleven-year-olds, the immersion programme is usually a first experience with the English language. We therefore focus on vocabulary acquisition through themes: animals, food, sports, etc.

At these ages, kids show greater concentration and are therefore able to memorise easily so learning through recreational activities works quite well. Verb tenses are also explained and practiced while having fun.

Twelve- to fifteen-year-olds often enrol in our immersion programme of their own accord, with a desire to improve their knowledge of English for a variety of reasons: they may have difficulty in school or they wish to hone their skills rapidly. Whatever their reasons, they will learn all the verbs, vocab and every day expressions they need.

Do you speak a little French to beginners?

When they arrive, we explain activities, safety rules, programmes and we answer questions in French. Of course, in case of health-related issues, we will speak to the child in her mother tongue.

And kids among themselves?

We ask campers to make an effort to speak English all day long, from sunrise to sundown, Counsellors are there not only to supervise activities but to encourage the use of the second language as well. We take immersion to heart.

Do campers noticeably improve their English after only one week?

Our intensive, well-structured programmes enable most kids to better understand English and acquire more fluency, even after only a week. Of course, we recommend 2- or 3-week stays every summer if possible. If you wish to obtain specifics regarding each level of English taught at camp, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Certifications and commendations


Mother of Jasmin (11) and Catherine (13)

The kids came back thrilled with the experience and their first comment was ‘’I want to go back next year!

Laurence Pelletier

I loved this camp!

Marie-Noël Lapointe

The activities in the forest are amazing! I also loved playing flag and the Thursday night dances.

Amine Ouquelle

I was really happy because my counsellor, Rocket, was a soccer player and soccer is my favorite sport!

Kaïna Labrecque

I had a great week! I learned many things and had lots of fun! The sports activities were cool!