How to make sure your kids will love English immersion camp!

How to make sure your kids will love English immersion camp!

In Québec, summer means warm weather and lots of freedom! When school is out, kids just want fun and games. As a parent, I understand this very well, for the school year is long and winter sometimes harsh.

But the fact is, while mental rest is very important, kids don’t need 9 weeks to recharge their batteries. A complete interruption in mental stimulation is the same as complete cessation of physical activity: brain muscles will slacken!

English summer camp will go a long way in helping your child conquer linguistic obstacles and return to school, in September, well refreshed and ready to pursue her education.

Morning classes at AngloFun cover both verb tenses and vocabulary in a fun and games environment which promotes efficient leaning. Rest assured, there are no 3-hour lectures! But we do provide your child with the necessary explanations, practice and exercises to better understand how to ask questions, make sentences and tell stories in English.

Making all this attractive to kids is another matter, though! Children, today, are usually taught to make their own choices. This is a great thing but it may make it difficult for a parent to persuade a child to go to educational camp. Focus on the positive aspects of English camp, then: social and sports activities, exploring nature with new friends their age who share the same interests. Leaving home to live with strangers for a time will certainly bring them out of their comfort zone, but this is a good thing to experience at an early age. As parents, we are also obviously relieved to know that the “strangers” are trained and devoted individuals who have your child’s development at heart and who have been hired because their training and background comply with ACQ standards (Association des camps du Québec).

Insist on the following aspects of English immersion with your child:

  • English is fun and practical when it is explained clearly
  • You don’t need to know English perfectly to play badminton, or swim or play volleyball
  • You don’t need many words to dance, play Capture the flag, enjoy a campfire or simply have FUN!

J'ai beaucoup aimé ce camp !

Laurance PelletierÉlève au camp

J'adore les activités qu'on fait dans la forêt, j'aime aussi beaucoup le jeu de flag et la danse de jeudi soir.

Marie-Noël LapointeÉlève au camp

Je suis vraiment contente parce que mon conseiller Rocket est un joueur de soccer et le soccer est mon sport favori !

Amine OuquelleÉlève au camp

Ma semaine était superbe! J'ai appris beaucoup de choses et à chaque fois c'était amusant! Et le sport était cool !

Kaïna LabrecqueÉlève au camp

Les enfants sont revenus emballés et leur premier commentaire a été: Je veux retourner l'an prochain!

CarolineMère de Jasmin (11 ans) et Catherine (13 ans)